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Best 5 Gold & Diamond Jewellers in Dubai, UAE 2020

Best 5 Gold & Diamond Jewellers in Dubai

Dubai – the land known for its beaches, properties, exclusive safari rides, and tourism is one of the most astonishing countries of the world. Despite the hot weather conditions and language barrier, it’s a dream destination for every dreamer. But guess what? It is not only famous for the remarkable locations or luxurious lifestyle it is a home market of minerals too – including Gold.

Gold is a hot commodity in the Arab world and known for its peculiar designs, quality, and enriching cuttings. You can easily find the best Jewellers in Dubai if you know where to look for. The fashion trends rival the western world, but the gold accessories found in the Gold Souk are a premium experience you don’t want to miss on your visit to Dubai. When it comes to buying gold and diamonds, you do not need to look any further, Dubai is popular for its gold and diamond

So, if you think you are a keen collector of gold and diamond jewellery, you will be amazed by whatgold jewelry stores in Dubai have to offer to you. So why keep your travel leisure restricted to spice souks and amusement parks only when you can do gold shopping?


Best Jewelry Stores in Dubai – An Eye dazzling Collection of Gold and Diamonds

Undoubtedly, the UAE is seen as one of the ideal locations to buy gold and diamond jewellery. There are multiple options to choose from which can confuse you easily. Gold costs a fortune, which is why we have compiled a list of thebest Jewellers in Dubai for your ease!

1.D for Damas Les Exclusive

One of the most popular and leading brands known for its high quality and intricate designed gold and diamond jewellry is Damas. It not only served its customer for over 100 years but created brand intimacy and goodwill too. Referred to as one of thebest gold jewellers in Dubai, it surely is on our top list.

With the “if you got it, then flaunt it” kind of an attitude its prestigious gold jewellry designs are loved by the loyal customers. A tad bit more on the expensive side makes up for the premium quality. If you are looking for something behind the regular jewellry then take a look at the collection of their watches as well. ChronoSwiss, Ernest Borel, Louis Moinet, and Parm Igiani are among the most popular watch brands.

Location:  Level 1, Mall of the Emirates, Dubai

Phone Number:  +971 4 3410633

2.Tiffany and Co.

Jewelry from Tiffany’s is tempting. If you plan to propose your partner then the emblem blue box tied with white satin ribbon will make her say a definite “Yes!”  The American aesthetic popular for its classic and timeless jewellery is a stark contrast against the Middle Eastern jewellery. The shopping experience at Tiffany’s is quite expensive but worth every penny that you spent. The high cut diamonds with clear cuts and rare pieces are most renowned.

If you are looking for the best diamond jewellers in Dubai, Tiffany and Co. is an excellent option to explore for timeless gold and diamond jewellery. Pick a pendant or a necklace or even better, get an engagement ring, Tiffany's own one of the best jewellery stores in Dubai.

Location: Level 1, Mall of the Emirates, Dubai

Phone Number: +971 4 3410655

3. Chandelle Jewellery

A new entry in the world of hand-finished jewellery is Chandelle Jewellery. With the eye-catching contemporary twist to the rings, bracelets, pendants, and earrings, Chandelle showcases as one of thebest gold jewellers in Dubai. The reason customers fell in love has everything to do with the luxury choice without any traditional markup. 

To become one of thebest gold jewellers in Dubai, Chandelle offers exclusive pieces for everyday wear to special occasions. Made out of precious chains, gemstones, and charismatic colors, it won the hearts of its customers. 

Customers can also order customized designs for gold or diamond jewellery for a perfect gift. So if you are looking to discover the love of gold, try here. 

Location:  Gold Souq Deira, Dubai,UAE

Phone Number:   058 500 5002  

4. Dhamani Jewels

Looking for diamond specialists? We have found just another of thebest diamond jewellers in Dubai in the shape of personalized jewellery - the Dhamani Jewels. 

Offering a wide range of colorful spectrums of diamonds in hues of yellow, pink, blue, and brown, it's a famous brand for the UAE locales. This makes Dhamani a perfect choice for brides to choose from the diamond and gold collection. Another reason why it makes a perfect choice as the best diamond jewelers in Dubai is their after-sales service. They provide the jewellery repair, for any damage that may be caused to the jewelry article you carry, resizing, engraving for special moments, and cleaning and polishing as well. 

Dhamani is all about taking care of the jewelry. 

Location:Level 1, Mall of the Emirates, Dubai

Phone Number:+971 4 3413050

5. Al Liali 

What do gold lovers want? An 18 and 24 carat gold jewellery decorated with diamonds and pearls is a siren call to you. The identity of thebest jewellery stores in Dubai is that they have a collection of precious gemstones and semi-precious stones. Jewellery can be easily customised with high quality. Their collection is available in every price range, thus another reason why customers love gold and diamond jewellery shopping at Al Liali. 

But did you also know they have a payment plan for their customers? The Easy Payment Plan allows loyal customers to get their hands on their favorite jewelry piece! This is definitely exciting. 

Location:Ground Level, Mall of the Emirates, Dubai

Phone Number:+971 4 3414080

May you Find the Best Jewellers in Dubai!

Some may say you can't buy happiness, but you can buy gold jewellery. So what are you waiting for? You can go to any of these gold jewellers in Dubai and buy gold and diamond jewellery for yourself or your partner.