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Want To Buy Diamond Engagement Rings in Dubai?

Dubai – the city of deserts, luxurious lifestyle, and home to gold is the best spot to begin a rom-com wedding! And why it shouldn't be? All dream weddings or even some of the best occasions revolve around the fact that engagement rings in Dubai are the best.  After all, it's a hot hub for the jewellery collectors and travellers alike. People from all over the world not only travel to get some space from their hectic routine but also to do luxury shopping that includes engagement rings!

So it doesn’t come as a surprise when you find couples streaming through window displays at Dubai Mall looking to buy diamond engagement rings in Dubai. Not many of you may have the right approach to buy the right diamond engagement ring but don’t worry, we have prepared a things-to-do-list to enhance the  

What do you need to know about the diamond in your ring?

“Diamonds are the women’s best friend.”

They sparkle, once adorned on fingers gives a radiant shine to a woman's look. Diamonds are available in a lot of varieties, cuts, colors, and quality. Keeping these characteristics in mind, diamond engagement prices vary. In UAE, you will find exclusive brands known for their authenticity and Chandelle is one of the brands that produce the best engagement rings in Dubai. 

Diamond ring price in Dubai – where to begin?

Before you hit a jewellery store, learn all you can about the jewellery merchants in Dubai. A diamond jewellery must be certified, they are bound to provide certificates for every diamond jewellery they sell. This law was meant to avoid any cons from looting the respective customer but unfortunately, it did have a downside too. 

Engagements ring in Dubai are sold under this provision but there is no one particular type of quality assessment that ensures a pure quality diamond. This loophole in the law creates a precedent for abuse of products and services. So if a diamond jeweller sells a diamond article without an authentic GIA/AGS report, the quality of the diamond becomes questionable. So who knows if you are being ripped off of your money?

Do you know why diamond rings price in Dubai is steep? It's for the very same reason. Besides this, a practice of sharing sealed packet with clients has taken on the trend too. This means if you are interested to buy a diamond ring then you can examine the diamond before finalizing the deal. However, this malpractice makes it hard to trust a dealer. When diamond passes through wholesalers and retailers then the sealed packets can be easily tampered with. This is why buying a diamond in Dubai is a peculiar activity. 

 Penny for thought - Are diamonds cheaper to buy in Dubai?

The answer is simple; quality doesn’t come cheap. In Dubai, you will find quality diamond engagement ring prices varying a lot from souks to the mall. Dubai is one of the largest trade centers of gold and diamond jewellery which makes it an all-purpose commercial attraction. 

Every diamond that enters the Dubai marketplace ends up either at local souks malls or is imported to other countries. Import increases the already high tagged prices of diamonds. This also highlights a significant increase in the retail markup of diamond jewellery. If you are a keen buyer and bent on comparing the prices then you don’t be surprised when you find that diamond jewellery is sold at above par value by 20-30%. 

Imagine if you are giving a 5% sales tax on the market value for a diamond engagement ring? That is a standard markup price but if you think that diamonds come cheaper in Dubai, then think again. 

Where to find the best value engagement rings?

Markets in Dubai are not like a regular market in the west. The experience you get from them is mindboggling and entertaining. If you want to know the best value engagement rings in Dubai then you need to visit these places;

Gold souk – Deira’s Old Commercial District 

You will find a wide range of varieties in diamonds (and of course gold) in these markets. The options vary from trinkets to bracelets to billions and diamonds and all other types. Gold Souk is best to look for gold jewellery but you can also see certain shops advertising diamond pieces too. But you should be careful when thinking to buy a cheaper diamond engagement ring.  

Chandelle is one of the many retailers who sell quality diamond engagement rings alongside other local brands. So now you know where to begin your engagement ring hunt.

Gold and Diamond Park – Sheikh Zayed Road 

It's not your traditional souk at but a fusion of contemporary market that brightens the day of any diamond lover. The mall houses almost 90 jewellery retailers which means you have an abundance of chances to make the right choice about your diamond engagement ring. 

This place is considered as one of the best places to find the best value engagement rings! You can just hop onto the shuttle and be on your merry way. 

The Dubai Mall 

The likeliest place you will find all international brands like Cartier, Tiffany, and Co, etc, are located in the hot hub of Dubai Mall. The mall comprises valued brands and entertaining areas but the best part is that you can buy the best value engagement rings in one palace. The prices are fixed so you’d already know what you are in for. Prices in Souk or GDP may appear steep but now you know from where you can buy diamond engagements rings in Dubai. 

 Time to name the best jewellers in Dubai!

Dubai may put a price tag over the diamond jewellery but still, you cannot deny the fact that the marketplace is filled with unique and aesthetic rings, bracelets, and much more. Although we enlisted three major markets where you can find the best gold and diamond jewellery lets narrow down our options to door-to-door. 


With one of the largest stores in Dubai, Damas is acclaimed to international fame because of its loyal customers. Thousands of jewellery designs are available with a modern twist that makes them perfect for the expensive taste. Damas stores in the Middle East are divided into 4 major categories; 

  • Lex Exclusive Stores – offers high-end luxury products 
  • Semi Exclusive Stores – offers a lower range of stylish products
  • Damas 22k and 18k Stores -  offers trendy style and design at the best budget 

Atlas Jewelry 

Known as a king player in the jewellery market for over 30 years, Atlas Jewellery has set a standard bar high for the consumers. It is one of the most successful Indian style jewellery providers that have catered attention to all the Indian natives living in Middle Eastern countries. 

People love the traditional and ethnic style of all accessories alongside the modern and chic design. Atlas is one of the best gold jewellers in Dubai

Chandelle Jewellery 

It is an urban chic jewellery provider that focuses on more than just some special occasions. If you visit the website, you will come to realize that Chandelle is a form of classy and sophisticated retailer of best diamond engagement rings in Dubai. 

It's not a surprise to find diamond jewellery at a value that is affordable but speaks elegance too. The reason why the locales have come to love these places that it offers great variety and their after-sales services are right on time too. 

best diamond engagement rings in Dubai

ARY Jewellers 

So, a lot of people want the satisfaction of buying pearls, diamonds, and other precious gemstones from a known brand. So if you are looking for a versatile collection of engagement rings and other gold and diamond jewellery you can try looking over the shelf of ARY Jewellers too. 

The aesthetic design is wearable at traditional affairs and for a western culture too. It can both ways, especially for Indian weddings in Dubai!


If you find a cheap jeweller in Dubai, don’t fall for the cheap prices they wave in front of you. For travelling, Dubai is great but when it comes to diamond engagement ring shopping the above-mentioned places are your best shot at finding what you have been looking for.