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How To Buy Jewelry in UAE?

A full guide on the best way to trade your gold gems in UAE 

If you purchased gold during the '80s and '90s, you're in for a guard benefit in the event that you sell now.

Dubai: Are you exhausted with old adornments plans, and searching for something trendier and present-day?

At that point, you won't need to proceed to break the financial plan as you can undoubtedly trade your old pieces for new ones while keeping in style with the most popular trend. If you are thinking about how and where to do it, simply take a load off. Peruse our full guide on where to purchase and sell gold.

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The most effective method to sell gold in Dubai 

If you need to trade your old gold gems for more up to date ones, here is the thing that you have to do.

Comprehend the kind of gold you own, you can check the legitimacy of the gold you own by checking for the fineness blemish on your gems piece. The imprint of the mark could be extremely minuscule, so request that the gem specialist give you the amplifying glass and check for the imprint.

The hallmarking 

Gold pieces convey different fineness mark, as indicated by the caratage of gold. For instance, 22 carat conveys a sign of 916, 21 carat – 875, 18 carat – 750, 16 carat – 666, 14 carat – 583, 12 carat – 500. Silver and platinum gems pieces convey fineness checks too.

Merchants will survey the estimation of your gold dependent on their weight, nation of a starting point, and virtue. You can wager that the work charges spent on making the plan of your adornments won't be recuperated (recovered).

Reports your requirement for selling 

You'll require some type of ID with you, for example, a unique visa or ID, notwithstanding the receipt or authentication endorsement of your gold piece. On the off chance that both are not accessible, the retailer will check for the fineness blemish on the adornments piece to confirm if the piece is 18 karat, 21 karats, or 22 karats.

Selling gold at market cost 

In case you're enthusiastic about selling your old gold, look out at the changing business sector costs. On the off chance that you are one of the individuals who purchased adornments pieces path, harking back to the '80s and '90s and need to refresh your gems to more present-day plans, at that point you can do – yet be set up to sell your things when the purchasing cost for gold is high.

  • Customers at Deira Gold Souk in Dubai. The trigger for the most recent flood was news that the International Monetary Fund had offered 200 tons of gold to the Reserve Bank of India.

Where to sell gold in Dubai?

Selling gold in Dubai isn't troublesome in any way. We list two lead areas where you can sell gold in Dubai.

Deira Gold Souk - Old Dubai 

Area: Al Ras, Dubai

You can never turn out badly with the Gold Souk in Dubai. Most shops will buy utilized gold, and there are several. Pay special mind to the stores publicizing on their windows that they are purchasing gold.

Al Fahidi Souk 

Area: Meena Bazaar - Bur Dubai, Dubai

The shopping area gives individuals a sample of customary Dubai, with a hustling, clamoring spot of merchants offering items from South Asia. You can sell utilized gold here, notwithstanding, it's significant this is a stop for master bartering aptitudes and for customers who are cautious with their spending.

Comprehend the gold you are purchasing 

The cost of gold depends on the karat and weight. "Karat" (k) is the proportion of the immaculateness or fineness of gold. The higher it is, the cleaner the gold as it's blended in with less different metals.

  • 24 karats or fineness of 1000: 100% unadulterated gold.
  • 22 karats or fineness of 0.9166: 91.5% unadulterated gold, blended in with different metals, (for example, copper).
  • 18 karats or fineness of 0.750: 75% unadulterated gold.

Gold pieces convey different fineness mark, as per the caratage of gold. For instance, 22 carat conveys a characteristic of 916, 21 carat – 875, 18 carat – 750, 16 carat – 666, 14 carat – 583, 12 carat – 500. Silver and platinum gems pieces convey fineness checks too.

Unadulterated gold or 24 karat gold is delicate, which solidifies when it's blended in with different metals like silver and copper. Gold likewise has various tones because of the level of combinations it contains. 

Pick your adornments 

Contingent upon the kind of extra - studs, jewelry, ring, armband, - its karat and weight will change, thus will the cost. The shop merchant will gauge the gems pieces you picked so they can decide the expense.

The quality and virtue of gold in Dubai is a brand without anyone else. Dubai Municipality, through the Dubai Central Laboratories (DCL), manages the gold, silver, platinum, and gemstones exchanged the emirate.

Besides, trust is the principal of valuable metals. The emirate's whole gems exchange lays on solid principles.

Trust is the key worth Dubai figured out how to keep, which clings to guidelines at each level. Gauging scales must be aligned through unannounced examinations, guaranteeing milligram exactness.

So have confidence what you are purchasing is authentic. On the off chance that you go over any disparities, contact Dubai Municipality as authorities guarantee that they react promptly to grievances.

Request confirmation 

When you've chosen the cost, remember to demand the accompanying:

  • Your receipt
  • Authentication endorsement for the gold

The validation declarations must be given by the merchants upon demand. The testament subtleties the gold karats, the heaviness of the gold. And the last gems piece, the heaviness of different stones in the adornments, and the creation costs for the thing. With this report, you'll have the option to get your piece validated and esteemed globally.

Where you can purchase gold?


Area: Dubai Mall, Dubai

This perfect Italian brand must be found in one area in the UAE. Notwithstanding their shocking and interesting gold, diamonds, and adornments assortment. They likewise have a scope of very good quality watches.

Damas Jewelry 

Area: Across Dubai

In case you're hoping to buy gold in a polished, bigger store, their branches can be found in many shopping centers across Dubai. Damas has been in the gold and gems industry for more than 100 years, so you can anticipate only quality from them. You can browse a wide determination of valuable stones and plans to coordinate with your gold.


Area: Across Dubai

Joyalukkas can be advantageously found in hypermarkets in the city and some significant grocery stores like Lulu, as well. The shops extend from huge, extravagant stores to littler merchants. An assortment of gold and precious stone brands are housed under the brand.

Malabar Gold and Diamonds 

Area: Across Dubai

Pick from more than 127 plans for men, ladies, and kids from their gems assortment from any of their 23 stores in Dubai. They likewise have a committed gold market rate tracker on their site.

Chandelle Jewellers

Area: Across Dubai

Best jewellers in Dubaito buy rings, pendants, bracelets in gold and diamond.

How gold rates are set in Dubai 

For the most recent on gold and forex rates, check the connection here.

Malabar Gold's Shamlal Ahmad, Managing Partner of Malabar Gold said rates are fixed depending on the dynamic worldwide gold value, which changes consistently.

"The price[s] accessible online are pertinent for internet exchanging. While the cost for physical gold buy is fixed by bullion sellers joining the expense related [with it]," Ahmad clarified in a meeting with Gulf News.

'City of Gold': Why is gold cheaper in Dubai?

  • Value favorable position of Dubai gold originates from the zero-charge system on gold bar imports
  • For gold adornments, just a level expense of 5% applies; different nations have a lot higher import charges
  • Tank discount for vacationers likewise offered to guests at the air terminal